Everything About Channels – Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world. popularity is currently competing closely with other social media such as, Twitter and YouTube. This can be clearly illustrated by the number of users which continues to increase every year. In Indonesia alone, the number of users has reached . million people . This figure also makes Indonesia the fourth largest country in the world with the largest number of Instagram users . Only losing to India, the United States and also Brazil. There are many reasons why Instagram continues to be popular with netizens, one of which is that Instagram never stops providing the latest feature innovations.

All Things About Instagram Channel

Benefit . Help you create a brand identity The first is to help you create a strong brand identity . Through this feature you can create a brand identity that is informative and close to followers. Followers’ engagement in your account can continue to increase, especially regarding the interactions they have with your Instagram content . . Helps you to Singapore Phone Number List increase customer loyalty The second is to help you increase customer loyalty. The churn rate or accounts that unfollow your business account can be reduced drastically. This could happen, especially if in the broadcast channel feature you always embed special information. Such as special follower giveaways , special follower discount programs, and so on.

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How to Optimize

Clarify the Exclusive Impression. Even though the content of messages from the Instagram Channel can only be seen by followers, which means it is already exclusive, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to make it even more exclusive. Try to provide exclusive content that is not on your Instagram feed . Or you can also use the strategy that Channel members Indonesia Phone Number List can see your content first before it is actually uploaded to the feed. For example, the content will only be uploaded to the feed hours after it is uploaded to the Instagram channel. . Covert Giveaway. The second is to do a hidden giveaway . This strategy itself was inspired by one of the Indonesian influencers , Irfan Ghafoor.

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