What is a Dynamic Website – In the previous article, we discussed what a static website is . From the explanation provided, we can understand that a static website is a website page that is created simply, and involves a server-side rendering system process. This static website is widely used for landing pages, portfolio websites , online forms and so on. Even though the content is monotonous, meaning it never or rarely changes, a static website is actually considered the best page for convincing potential customers. Especially if it is used correctly, namely used to provide product information that rarely changes.

What is a Dynamic Website?

As the name suggests, a dynamic website is a website that displays content that is dynamic or changes frequently. Changes on dynamic websites actually don’t only occur in the content. But also on the overall page design. Dynamic websites even allow visitors to interact more on the website. Also Read: What is User Generated Content? They even Indonesia Phone Number List have the opportunity to be involved in the content marketing production process for your website. Whether it’s by becoming a content contributor or by becoming an affiliate of your business website . Websites with capabilities like this can also be called UGC websites. Advantages of Dynamic Websites Content Production.

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How to Create a Dynamic Website

To be able to create a dynamic website , we can actually do it in main ways. The ways are to use; . Content Management System (CMS) CMS is a system that makes it easy for users to manage website content without needing to understand India Phone Number List programming at all. Through CMS, we can easily input new content data without needing to change the website code structure . Some examples of this CMS are; WordPress (most popular). Joomla . Drupal. Blogger. Magento. Shopify. . Website Builder Second is to use a website builder. Somewhat similar to a CMS, only here the user can take more action to change the website design structure. They can do this via the drag and drop feature.

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