Examples of Instagram Content – Instagram is a social media that is widely used by business people for marketing strategies. As part of a marketing tool, Instagram has many benefits. Especially in terms of reaching the market of young people, generation Z and also millennials. Yes, this is normal considering that Instagram user data in is dominated by teenagers and young adults. The data details are. Of Instagram users fall into the – year age group. Since it was first developed by Michael Krieger and Kevin Nystrom in , Instagram has now undergone many changes. We can see these changes clearly through the shift in photo or image trends, becoming more varied with the presence of Reels.

Examples of Instagram Content that Gets Lots of Engagement

But don’t worry, here Minta will help you get it by providing several examples of Instagram content that is effective in attracting lots of engagement. Are you curious about what examples of Instagram content there are? . Content Resulting from Lateral Thinking The first is to run a lot of content from lateral thinking. Lateral itself is a way of thinking India Phone Number List using a wider point of view and sometimes going outside the general point of view. Simply put, this way of thinking involves different topics but is made to seem continuous. An example is the image above, where Minta links personality points to SEO methods . Also Read: List of Instagram’s Latest Features and How to Optimize Them You can see other examples in the content below. Where the Creatives team creates content for its clients using the concept of lateral thinking.

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Contemporary Memes

The second is to use contemporary memes to become content material. Yes, never forget the nature of Instagram as social media. Where people who use it aim to get entertainment. So, as much as possible, involve entertainment points as content material. You can use it to direct your audience to understand your brand . For example, like the video Hong-Kong Phone Number List above. Next is an example of Instagram content that contains controversy. You can display points of content controversy in the headline section. But remember, don’t use it too much. Also try to write the headline as best as possible so that it doesn’t collide with the caption. Techniques like this are widely used by national news media accounts.

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