SEO News: Google Updates SERP Display. Lets Find Out
Google Updates SERP Display – Google is the largest technology company in the world which always prioritizes the comfort of its users. Its not surprising that Google always makes changes to both the search results/ ranking algorithm and the appearance of the SERP itself. Yes. SERP is an acronym for Search Engine Result Pages. The search engine page contains information according to the search intent keywords used. Google itself has indeed changed the appearance of their SERP a lot . Starting from their inception in as shown below.The change is clearly visible in the amount of content that is given special prizes in the form of snippets. Snippets themselves are given to content that has high quality and relevance to certain search intent keywords . One of them you can see in the image below.

Google Updates SERP Display
Look at the image above. It is clear that the SERP results display the favicon of the website content that appears. It no longer only displays headlines and descriptions. but also has a website favicon on the left side. We can actually predict the changes made by Google itself. Because in October last year they implemented it. only specifically on the mobile platform. They started experimenting with a display like this on the desktop platform in November last year. With various considerations. in the end this display was officially used. Also Read: What is Google Search Console and its Benefits for Websites? Change does not only occur as a result of ordinary content. Changes also occur in the results of website content advertised with SEM . Google Ads. Previously. the display of content advertised with Google Ads would display a SERP with the Ads label . The label itself has changed the word to Sponsored. You can see the changes in the image below;

What should you do?
After finding out about these SERP changes . you must be wondering what you should do. right? The answer is simple. from now on. pay attention to your website branding . especially the favicon section. Make this section easier for visitors to remember. Dont just leave this element blank. To make it easier. make this favicon follow the style of your website logo . This is a detailed explanation of the Google SERP Display Update news. If you need the best SEO services that are always up to date with developments in the Google algorithm. contact Creativism. Also Read: Google Launches Generative AI Search Creativism provides Digital Marketing services for individuals. MSMEs. SMEs. and large companies who are looking for partners to handle social media. websites. SEO . and provide all promotional needs to IT solutions for your business.


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