Plus produce work Challenge like ALE Geek Battle? Try” Effective learning tips from Nandra: Study on a platform . With a clear curriculum, such as Dicoding Use YouTube to upgrade skills. Watch Google I/O material for example After studying, get straight to practice! Backend Developer Category: Yoshua Kenny Nugroho with an application entitled “My Class” Yoshua Kenny Nugroho (22 years old) is a coding graduate from Kudus, Central Java. The “Kelasku” application he is working on has several advantages: The file sharing features include: 1) Material  prize of 8,000 Points for each winner! Wow.

This is one of the Challenges

Prizes in the Dicoding Challenge . Let’s look at the profile of each champion: Mobile taught by teachers to students; and 2) Submit assignments from students to teachers Class Schedule “Making this app is my way of learning. Build a portfolio from now on, NECESSARY!” (Joshua) This graduate of the Web and Android beginner Dicoding class created the Lavarel-based “Kelasku” application, his ws database current field of expertise. Initially this task was part of his internship at the company. I didn’t expect his backend work to win the title! Yoshua, who is still a final year student at Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga, continued to say: “Grateful to be able to win as the best 3 in this ALE Geek Battle.

This recognition is very valuable

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To support my future dream profession: Programmer” UI/UX Category. Gerwin Jonathan Henri with an application entitled . Multipurpose Applications on Campus” Gerwin Jonathan Henri (22 years old) is a coding graduate from Malang, East Java. The “UI/UX Multipurpose Application on Campus” that he is working on has several advantages. This application SGB Directory is designed as a medium for lecturer-student interaction The appearance is beautiful, simple and modern. Complete features such as: 1) remind class schedules; 2) provide an efficient and effective absence system; 3) be a place to share lecture material; 4) check whether the lecturer is there/not; 5) convey a message.

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