Are when using and not using MotionLayout ? Please compare the following. Dicoding MotionLayout preview What is MotionLayout? Actually, what is MotionLayout ? MotionLayout is a type of layout that we can use to manage motion and animation on widgets in the application. As previously mentioned, because MotionLayout is an instance of the ConstraintLayout class , it will be easy for you to apply it if you are previously familiar with arranging application displays using ConstraintLayout . For those of you who are not familiar with Upskilling via Pre-Employment Helps.

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 Ot the best score (rating 5 out of 5). He also completed 3 of the 4 mandatoryConstraintLayout , please read my previous article. Another interesting thing is that MotionLayout supports API 14 compatibility. As a result we can apply the same animation to pre-lollipop versions whatsapp data of Android. Can’t wait to try it? Hey, just a moment. Before trying it, there are several things we need to know first . That is: MotionScene In using MotionLayout , we need a motion scene file that will be used to store the transition, motion start , and motion end of a View. ConstraintSet In determining the motion start and motion end , we will use the ConstraintSet element which contains several attributes 

That we can use to add interpolation

 During the transition. CustomAttribute We will use this element to define transitions on attributes that are not related to position attributes or attributes of a View . Some of the supported attributes and values can be read in full here . Keyframe This is what’s interesting about using MotionLayout to apply transitions. We can make changes at certain points during SGB Directory the transition by using keyframes . Full Android Studio support Before we try to create a project to implement MotionLayout , I want to first show one of Android Studio’s full support for implementing MotionLayout . What’s that? Dicoding Motion Editor Motion Editor Yup, Motion.

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