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Want to apply  to determine transitions and see what the motion we have created will look like as in the example above. Interesting, right? Implementation of MotionLayout OK, after getting to know MotionLayout, just create a new project MotionLayout so that it is easy in Android Studio to try it out. Once the project has been created, open With the most tempting Points the build.gradle file and change.  The version of the constraintlayout to the following: Best Winners of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise/ ALE Geek Battle 2020 Let’s get to know the 3 Best winners from Alcatel Lucent Enterprise/ ALE Geek Battle. The three were selected among the finalists in each category, namely Mobile . Developer, Backend Developer, and UI & UX. After going through strict national level judging, their work emerged

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Developer Category: Nandra Saputra with an application entitled “MySchool” Nandra Saputra (23 years old) is a coding graduate from Dumai, Riau. The My School application  he is working on has several advantages: This application has 2 usability – teacher and student Teachers ws data can create new sessions, post new items to the feed and upload materials Students can be absent and submit assignments Uniquely, this app provides chat features like WhatsApp ALE Geek Battle The chat feature is available in the MySchool application. This innovation is very fitting in the current context of learning at home. “I complete the MySchool feature with chat, a feature . That doesn’t even exist in Google Classroom yet .Nandra is a graduate of Google Associate Android Developer, a prestigious certification that is known for being difficult and sophisticated. Not surprisingly, the provision is to pass 5 classes in the Android elementary school.

Nandra likes programming because the world

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Uniquely, his educational background is not in the IT field. But in Chemical Engineering at Riau University. of coding is very challenging. Her participation in ALE Geek Battle is Nandra’s effort to boost her portfolio. The goal is for him to achieve a career as a programmer in a world-class company.Eeven with a non-IT background. He wants to gain knowledge and understand SGB Directory the ins and outs of an IT company so. That he can finally succeed in starting his own IT company. “By winning ALE Geek Battle, I am sure my skills as a software engineer . Will be better recognized at home and even abroad.” (Nandra) At the same time, this friendly young man is building a startup which operates in the agri e-commerce sector in the form of a vegetable delivery service. He uses all his Android .

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