Currently CV Sejahtera Kedaton already has a website, but it is still static and automatically unattractive. Therefore, he is currently making it a more dynamic website. The provision is of course knowledge from classes in the Front-end Web Coding flow . When the Pre-Employment Card program was officially launched by the government, Bonardo was not left behind. He took the Fundamentals of Front-end Web Developer class. Why did he choose Dicoding again for the Pre-Employment Card program? “Since college I have liked systematic learning. Likewise, in Dicoding the material is structured. There are coding examples too .

Learning the material is like

 lecture material. The presentation is flexible!” (Bonardo) Studying seriously, it’s no wonder Ardo gmotivated to pursue his 2 short-term missions. First , Ardo wants to modernize the company’s website so that it can easily reach consumers. He wants to equip his website with online payment features that are commonly available on e-commerce platforms! Second , he whatsapp database wants to build an IT consulting service as a new subsidiary at his current place of work. The pandemic has given Ardo a lesson in the form of a stronger determination to return to a career in information technology. His optimism swelled with the economic situation which was slowly improving. The number of customers for the laundry, t-shirts and canteen he manages is gradually recovering. 

With the skills from the Pre-Employment

 Card that he now has, Ardo hopes to be able to take his business one step further One real challenge for him was the difficulty of finding local digital talent who could be invited to build this IT consulting service, together. Learning from Ardo: Don’t be afraid to fail It’s hard to SGB Directory imagine a passionate figure like him keeping the story of 15 years of ups and downs in business. Sometimes smooth. More failure. Regarding this he said: “When creating an application, errors are common. Same in terms of business. Every failure is part of the effort. We can be successful one day because we failed several times today.” Even though he has four heads, Ardo does not give up hope. 

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