This is why Mihály Csíkszentmihályi tells us that, although it may seem paradoxical, you can be happy and flow at work . This is paradoxical because most people, when they are at work and it’s time to leave, what they want most is to be at home; However, it often happens that when you get home you experience borom, you don’t know what to do with your time and people take refuge in the television or computer. Weekends are the times when the flow is least. There is more flow at work; Of course, when the work that is done responds to the interests and skills that one possesses.

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The question we can ask ourselves as teachers is: Is it possible for students to experience this form of happiness during classes? The answer is positive. Students flow when they face attractive b2b leads and difficult challenges that allow them to display their skills , when the task tests their imagination and creativity, when they receive feback that indicates whether or not they are on the right path. And to promote this state in the classroom, it is essential to become aware of the role as miators of the learning that we have before them.

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This involves accompanying them through timely feback, motivating them, showing them aspects of themselves that they do not know but that we can see, looking for challenges that awaken their interest and focus their attention. It is very important to measure the level of difficulty of the propos tasks because we already know that if the task is very difficult they could feel frustrat. It is also important to SGB Directory consider that talents can remain hidden when the emotional factor is not manag well. When a student “fails,” it is generally not due to a lack of cognitive skills but rather personal strengths , which is why it is necessary to promote a positive environment in which interpersonal relationships are car for.

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