The ego disappears. Time flies. Every action, movement or thought inevitably arises from action, movement and previous thoughts, it is as if we were playing jazz. Your whole being is there, and you are applying your faculties to the fullest.” The state of flow implies the coincidence of certain conditions: a challenge that is at the same level as the capabilities one possesses, a focus of attention on the challenge – therefore, an involvement that makes one forget even one’s bodily nes -, a feback and a sense of success in seeing that the challenge is being achiev bas on effort.

Does Its Speculative and

Let’s think, for example, of the soccer player who, after falling due to a foul, gets up and continues running without paying attention to the pain, focus only on the play he wants b2b email list to make. Let’s imagine the dancer rehearsing a choreography and enjoying that experience, forgetting about time and other nes. Or let’s think, finally, of that child who is focus on assembling a spaceship forgetting that it is dinner time. And, of course, let’s consider the feeling of fulfillment that is experienc when they manage to achieve the challenge they had.

Practical Work Based on

It is important to highlight that, to achieve this state, it is necessary that there is a balance between the challenge and the skills that one possesses , since if the challenge were greater than the skills, the experience would no longer be rewarding and anxiety or frustration would be experienc. And if, on the contrary, the challenge is less than the skills, the experience would become boring and SGB Directory you would lose interest. One of the situations or contexts in which this experience can be liv is at work and in the academic field, since in both there are challenges that test the skills one possesses.

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