The break would come in 1938. He would leave Paris, and after barely remaining in the Unit States for a while longer, at the Massashusetts Institute of Technology , where his scholarship had been transferr, Sabato renounc science, convinc that the world was situat at a crossroads to which it had been l by the adoration of technological efficiency, by the cult of excessive materiality and increasing practical efficiency, by that conception that surrenders to the ever-larger masses of glass and steel, and pursues with incessant and voracious desire the virtual infinite multiplication of economic performance, at the cost of the estrangement of the human being in a reality only decipherable by a group of experts who assume technocratic control arm with control instruments of inhuman sophistication and theoretical abstractions foreign to the world.

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That we see and hear. Fac with this desolate panorama, and to the bewilderment of his mentors, he decid to abandon physics forever and confront the ghosts that inhabit his spirit: from that moment on, he would dicate his life to exorcising them through writing. Sabato, his wife and their little son went to a ranch in the mountains of córdoba. The incipient writer had decid to leave behind forever science and its pristine mathematical language , that “clear city of towers” in which he had business lead been taking refuge, believing himself safe from the imperfect contingency of human vicissitudes, to head towards the uncertain territory of literary creation, following a profound mandate that impell him to maintain “fidelity to his human condition” (sabato, 1980, p.

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There, separat from almost everything and everyone, without electricity or running water, in a house whose windows had no glass and locat in a place that endur subzero temperatures, he wrote his first work, One and the Universe . In this essay, publish in 1945, which would earn him an important prize in his country, Sabato warn about the shipwreck of our civilization, given over to an unhealthy devotion to science and its imposing transformative power. In those lines, he painfully express his SGB Directory worldview on the basis of brief thematic entries, arrang alphabetically, referring to aspects of vital significance that crudely reflect his dismay in the face of a world that worships machines, money and unbridl and one-dimensional technological progress.

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