In a previous article, I presented a specific scenario: in the event of an apocalypse that decimates – in the strictest sense – a considerable part of the human population, what would be left to the survivors? Scientific knowledge and/or technological elements? Some specific cultural element or manifestation? Perhaps an appropriate framework of values? The analysis of these scenarios is interesting: the breadth of human knowledge and advancement would be impossible to synthesize for ordinary, everyday use (the most memorable attempt: the Encyclopedia), and even the exercise of discriminating what to rescue and what should be ignored. puts us in a deep dilemma.

Religious Level Constantly in

 At the Joliot-Curie laboratories in Paris, an unknown young Argentinian was doing his internship in the field of particle physics. It was 1937, and Bernardo Houssay, who would later be the first Latin business email list American to receive the Nobel Prize in Micine, impress by his talent, had manag to be award a scholarship to continue his studies there. He frequently arriv at noon, and with a drowsiness whose origin no one suspect, he disciplin himself to follow the protocols of experimental research, embark as he was on a study on cosmic rays.

Our Interpersonal Relationships

 That tir look had an explanation: at night, that restless young man went to the famous Le Café du Dome to discuss poetry, to talk about the mystery of life and to get SGB Directory drunk with the surrealists. By day he walk the paths of the neat scientific method; At night he div into the abyssal depths of metaphysics and the enigmas of creation. That young man’s name was Ernesto Sabato and he was about to suffer an existential crisis trigger by the contemplation of the spiritual failure of Western civilization, which would lead him to make a radical assessment of his own life.

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