The Argentine writer would not give up his efforts to issue warnings and counterclaims to the dwindling contemporary world: the basements of the human soul portray in his dark fictional world, as well as the sagacious irony of his prose combin with the acuity of the diagnosis of the terminal evils that it carries. man, would turn his total work into a living document of the apocalyptic end of a civilizational framework that, seeking peace, truth and progress, has end up building a planetary laboratory for the self-destruction of the species.

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In 1951, he publish man and gears , the “diary of a crisis (…), a reflection of the collapse of western civilization in a man of our time” (sabato, 1973, p. 9), but in whose final passages, despite the dark tone that dominates business database the text, a languid light of hope shines. A year later, he would publish heterodoxia , a compendium of scatter reflections that emerge from the abyss of his obsessions, and a work that also contains sporadic approaches to some important aspects of literary fiction and the labyrinth of his own creative experience in the universe of the novel.

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Themes to which sabato would return to treat in more detail years later, in 1963, through the writer and his ghosts . Before, in 1948, during his second stay in paris, where he came to take up a position at unesco, he had given to print an emblematic novel, with an existentialist SGB Directory tone, now consider cult, through whose story sabato would express his concern. In the face of the spiritual misery of human relationships and their distrust of language due to the limit possibilities of building bridges of authentic communication that it seems to offer.

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