Try Camasia free Camtasia icon This is also when you’ll ne to select which audio sources you want to record. including system audio. microphone audio. neither. or both. Recording system audio means anything that would normally play through your computer speakers will also be captur. which might be important if your software features any sound. However. system audio refers to all the sounds that your computer makes. including things like email notifications. So be sure to adjust your settings so your recording isn’t interrupt by distracting beeps and tones.

Making demo videos If you choose

Much more. to record your narration as you demonstrate your product. then you’ll also want to capture your microphone. However. if you have prepar a script. you country email list   might find it easier to record your voiceover separately. after you’ve captur the onscreen action. But don’t worry. video sources. Once all the prep and practice is out of the way. it’s time to hit the Record button and capture your demonstration. Don’t worry — you’ve got this! When you’ve finish showing how the product works. hit Stop. You can follow the same steps to capture any additional recordings that you outlin in your plan. to have to re-record a miss step later.

Step 4: it your product demo Video

Once you’ve plann and film your video. it’s time for the fun part – iting! Don’t worry if you’re new to this. Camtasia’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop itor makes iting easy and intuitive. The iting suite SGB Directory  is where you can trim your footage. insert your audio narration. add captions. add music. and play with animat effects — as well as a load of other things that will make your video stand out. From the TechSmith blog to the free TechSmith Academy. there’s a whole library of resources and instructional tutorials that you can use to familiarize yourself with all of Camtasia’s tools.


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