B2b communication changes register and becomes emotional. With the let’s create together campaign, big blue involves visionary. Innovators in the role of ambassadors of the brand’s values, namely sustainability, co-creation, creative use. Of new technologies. We talked about it with francesca teutonico, cmo of ibm italy IBM Marketing gives
Published on 12 oct 2022
Manuela gianni.
Director, digital4executiv. Giving the floor to customers, partners .And employees.

Ell stories of innovation that inspire

Involve and excite . It is the form and language chosen. By ibm marketing for the new ideators campaign, created. To communicate the values ​​of .The brand and the new strategic focus of the historic protagonist of the it world in an innovative and emotional way. Launched last february, the campaign africa email list represents the third chapter of the letscreate brand platform , adapted locally in let’s create together , precisely to underline .The importance of co-creation in the development. Of innovative projects, combining creativity and new generation technologies, such as cloud and intelligence artificial. The messages were conveyed on various media and the protagonists.. Were guests at the think event organized in rome , an important opportunity for direct.

Discussion with customers and prospects

africa email list

The objective of ibm marketing was. To convey authenticity and build a relationship of trust with the brand, a typical aspect of the consumer. World but which is now also a priority for b2b companies. The best way to do this is to involve the ecosystem – partners and customers – by creating a direct dialogue between brand ambassadors and the market. A success story told by customers. Allows prospects to learn more about SV Lists the brand and its values ​​and helps. To bridge the gap between the. Company and its contacts.
The protagonists of the ibm campaign , two clients, a manager and a ..Partner, are chiara coricelli ceo, pietro coricelli, milena zappoli, head of environmental innovation, hera group, bianca romano, ibm client. Engineering manager – paolo mazza, head of people & culture, blueit società benefit (in the opening photo with the ceo stefano rebattoni and the cmo francesca teutonico

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