Make amazing demo videos! Make professional-quality demos videos quickly and easily with Camtasia. Record your screen or upload an existing video. then bring the “Wow!” with effects. music. and much more. Try Camasia free Camtasia icon However. do keep in mind that despite the cornucopia of tools and effects. it’s important not to go overboard. We know firsthand how tempting it can be to use every neat trick you learn. but remember to refer back to your storyboard for guidance. and always keep your audience in mind.

The best videos are usually kept simple

So that your audience can focus on the information you want to convey. How to it with templates If you us a template to asia email list  create your video. even better! Your iting process will be even faster and more efficient. How to make a demonstration video With the template already laid out on your timeline. it’s as simple as taking your screen recording (or real-life footage) and dropping it into the placeholder. Make a product demo video Camtasia will give you a few options for adding your footage to the placeholders.

But we recommend using Ripple Replace.

This option adjusts the length of the placeholder to fit your footage. without removing affecting the other items and effects. It’s all customizable though. so feel free to adjust the transitions and identification (often call lower-third) graphics as you see fit. Use  a template to create a video SGB Directory  demo The “feature demo” template also has options to add device frames that can make your footage look like it’s on a computer screen or mobile device.

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