Be laid out for you. Best of all. the template is completely  Once you’ve customizable! You can change colors. logos. fonts. and more to fit your product branding. it’s time to move on to the third step: recording your footage. Step 3: Record your product in action To capture a software program in action. you’ll ne a tool that will let you record your screen. Fortunately. we at TechSmith have several screen recording tools you can use. Of course. if you’re filming a demonstration of a physical product. you’ll ne a physical camera rather than a screen recorder. But most of the other steps discuss in this guide will still apply to you.

For desktop software If you’re using a desktop

Camtasia is a great all-in-one program for creating a demo video project. as it offers tools to record your screen and email list   it your video.. if you ne to record an Once you’ve  app or feature on an iOS device. we can help you there as well! With the TechSmith Capture mobile app. you can easily record your smartphone screen and import the recording into Camtasia. Create demo Record a demo video Once you have your software open on your computer. you may want to walk through the product demonstration a few times for practice.

kind of like a dress rehearsal

When it comes to doing the product demonstration for real. it’s worth considering the desir dimensions of your finish video. as resizing it later on might affect the picture quality. Knowing the output size before you record will ensure that your finish video is crisp and clear. Then. when you’re ready. open Camtasia and select the SGB Directory  record option. You’ll then be prompt to select the part of your screen that you wish to capture.! Make professional-quality demos videos quickly and easily with Camtasia. video. then bring the “Wow!” with effects. music.



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