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Along with estimat competition. Simply put. The less competitive the search. The easier it will be to rank in google’s organic results. 2. Publish consistently: another mistake i see bloggers make is not publishing consistently enough. Google values consistency. As it reports that content is updat regularly. If he’s sending traffic to a blog. He wants to make sure it’s accurate and up-to-date. In my opinion. One of the best ways to do this is to choose a publishing calendar and stick to it. Simply put. Create your content and publish it at the same time on a daily.

If you are writing about a place

Weekly or monthly basis. 3. Establish eeat: establishing eeat (expertise. Authority and reliability) is essential to ranking on google and obtaining organic Africa Email List traffic. Especially in light of recent algorithm updates that have given greater weight to these metrics. But don’t think about it too much. If you are writing about a place in mexico. Demonstrate that you have been there or at least have an in-depth level of knowlge. Write about the best dishes in local restaurants. The beaches you lik and maybe even some mistakes not to make during your visit.

I believe that one of the most

africa email list

All these elements demonstrate that you are not writing your blog just to rank on google. But that you are doing it to help your reader have the best possible journey. Trust me. This is very important. 4. Get powerful links: last but not least is the SGB Directory power of links. I believe that one of the most important ranking factors for earning a place on the first page of google (and therefore increasing traffic to your blog) is having links. Think about it: would you trust a blog you’ve never heard of? I know i wouldn’t do it. And not even google. But a mention in forbes.

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